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The best season for wedding

2015-08-01 11:04

The wedding is one of the most important and long-awaited event in life of any man and woman. Therefore, to choose the date of this event must be approached in all seriousness and observe the tradition of signs and rites. Russian women photo is needed to offer her right dress, before she comes to salon.


On the engagement  the bride and groom have already determined when they will have  their wedding. Months, in which  celebrate weddings, always attached great importance. It was even made a special calendar, good and bad months for weddings. Depending on  month  and the weather on wedding day, our ancestors had determined what will be the family life like.


So which month is better to marry in?


Marriage is always a challenge, however Russian women photo needs to look perfect, otherwise you never find someone to marry. January was considered not very favorable month for wedding. A marriage was regarded as short-lived and the possibility of early widowhood. Therefore, everybody try to carry the wedding for another time. Russian women photos on the wedding should be taken into consideration, they cannot be other then perfect, and everybody needs to take care of this.

But in February month is enough favorable. Who married this month predicted a long and happy family life in love and harmony. Russian women photos(fiancée ) should be taken carefully, because usually its cold season and fiancée should not catch cold.

Wedding  in March, foreshadowed separation  with close people.  It was believed that the children of this couple, "take root" away from home.

April's wedding promise happy and funny  life, with quarrels and reconciliations, tribulations and joys.  April is full of surprises weather and relation in family will be instability.

May is  considered unsuitable for marriage. "In May, marry – people will suffer," – they say . Perhaps this sign originated in a time when that month was especially important for our ancestors-farmers. After all, during this period they had the time of planting  and other work on the ground.This is cool, cause Russian women photos taken in May are amazing, everything is green and youth, you will like it, and she will.

But June  is a perfect time to get married. Such marriages are called “honey”. As the beginning of the summer, rich colors, warm and honey, and the life of the right wedding in June promised to be rich in happiness and joy.

July promises for spouses of sour-sweet life. There will be enough in a family: the difficulties and achievements, concerns, and happiness. Russian women photos of the pair tend to be perfect in July. Bride and fiancée together memoirs are your choice for the true happiness; this month is perfect for the photo album.

Wedding in August promises a harmony relation between husband and wife, mutual understanding and support. The family will have friendly relations between children and parents.

September is also considered a very good month for the wedding. The life of the couple will be calm and stable. Russian women photos of your family will remind you of this happy time.

If a couple marry in October, it was predicted hard life. If the family was born in the month of autumn, the peace shouldn`t be expected. Difficulties and problems will be in excess, however memoirs need to be perfect, try the Russian women photos to look great, independently of what you get in the future.

If you want to be rich, marry in November. You will have good luck, will smile often, especially in financial matters.

From December wedding is waiting for a different kind of wealth. In your family will be a lot of  love.

Of course, believe it or not in omens and superstitions – it`s your business.  The main thing is not which month or day you get married, but  whom you marry. It is essential to believe in your darling and to value Russian women photos of your nice lady and you together, which symbolize your love. Mutual understanding, trust and respect will help in difficult situations better than any superstitions or omens.

After all, there is no life without difficulties. But it can be overcome only together.

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