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Rating of the most beautiful women in the world

2015-08-12 00:00

Beautiful appearance – is a gift from nature, as well as the talent to sing, write poetry, books or painting. It is given to a human not by chance, but to accomplish a specific mission: to excite, arouse a sense of beauty, to develop spirituality, attach human beings to the sublime. Russian girls HD pictures and video is always available. Do you know that 9 September 1995 UNESCO approved the World Day of Beauty, the main purpose of which is to embody in the life motto: "Beauty will save the world". It's a Ukrainian slogan in the context of female beauty as well, because Ukraine can rightly be called the country of the most beautiful women in the world!

We were convinced during all our lives that Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful. Ask any foreigner, and in 99% of cases you will get the answer that a beauty, as Ukrainian women have, it is not seen anywhere else.

But the experts from Hong Kong were trying to challenge these facts. They ranked the world tourist attractiveness of cities, which depends on good-looking of the women. Asians smacked our compatriots down: in their opinion, the Ukrainians are unfriendly (unlike the residents of Stockholm), ignorant, they do not know how to dance (as women in Buenos Aires) and they do not follow the fashion at all (opposite to New York city women).Russian girls HD options are always available for you.




However, one of the most respectable online editions “Travelers Digest” made up the next ranking and it is not difficult to predict it: experts put in the forefront beautiful women from Ukraine and of cause Russian girls, HD pictures, video and different materials with these girls are valuable for you.

"It is impossible to believe that such beauty can exist! Just take a walk in the summer at least in Kyiv. There, on the banks of the Dnipro River, you will find beauties as much as your heart desires"- admire Hong Kong citizens. In addition, the Ukrainian women are well educated and always ready to talk about literature and philosophy. So if you want to steal a way into Ukrainian woman heart – you should read and then reread carefully works of Nietzsche and Bulgakov, and then your Russian girls, HD pictures would become not only pictures, but part of your life.

The second position got women from Stockholm. "The advertisings of beer are not lie, because in Sweden live the real beauties"- experts say.

"Bronze" was given to women from New York. They are famous for cultural and ethnic diversity. Here you can find fashionable girls and charming models. In short, this is America.

In fourth and fifth place were Buenos Aires and Varna. Hong Kong experts are sure that the atmosphere in Argentina is riddled with romance. "Just visit this city and do yourself a favor - ask one of the most beautiful women to teach you to dance tango," – the experts say that Russian girls HD are the cutest angels who dance. All is clear with Varna too - bright sun, warm sea breeze and sand ... "The local girls look like Ukrainian women. They are also tall and mostly blue-eyed "- according to belief of connoisseurs of beauty.

By the way, recently, the well-known American edition “The Most Beautiful Women” published a book “The Most Beautiful Women of Ukrainian national property” and Russian girls HD are here too. The first tree positions were devoted to actress and gymnast Nadiia Vasina, singers Ani Lorak and Vera Brezhneva – respectively first, second and third places.

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