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Where can you ask the Ukrainian women to dinner in Kiev? The best places to choose

2015-10-01 21:21

Ukrainian women are just gorgeous and very traditional. Meeting one of therm you should know worthy places to spend the romantic evening. Kyiv is extremely large city that has a lot of places to visit. If you want to organize a romantic dinner with Ukrainian girl it is advisable to choose the best restaurants in the capital. It is likely that you will visit Ukraine very often while dating Ukrainian women, so it is better to have a particular plan and favorite places where you can meet the girl and spend a great time with her.

Here you can find the list of top rating restaurants in Kyiv that will amaze you with an exceptional cuisine, great service and romantic atmosphere. After dinning out in these eating places you will get only positive emotions and great feelings. Remember that Ukrainian women like chic places so here is the list of such restaurants that will please each Kyiv woman.


Kanapa is a modern restaurant designed in European style. It is situated on one of the most famous streets in Kyiv – Andrew`s Descent (Andriivskyi uzviz). This eating place was nicknamed as “restaurant salon”. The roots of such a name can be found in the literary saloons of 19th century. So the concept of this restaurant is similar to their one.There are only live music sounds in Kanapa, you can also hear someone reading popular books on the stage. Extraordinary, isn`t it? On the walls of the restaurant there are a lot of masterpieces which your Ukrainian women will like. If you like one of them, you can buy it and bring home as a precious souvenir from Ukraine.


Imbir' is a restaurant for vegetarians. Moreover this place is perfect for intelligent people who like reading. The place reminds a bookstore or ancient library with a lot of popular and valuable books. The design and atmosphere of the restaurant will definitely please you. In spite of the fact that Imbir` can offer you only vegetarian menu, its delicious dishes will surprise you and your Ukrainian bride. Maybe, after visiting this place and having a dinner there you will reconsider your diet. The variety of beverages offered by Imbir` will allow you to taste even the most exotic drink with your Ukrainian women.


Carpaccio is an Italian restaurant that is located in the heart of Kyiv. From the windows of this cozy place great view on the center of a city opens before your eyes. Carpaccio is just a stone's throw from the famous Maidan Square. The menu of the restaurant consists of delicious traditional Italian dishes. If you want to amaze your bride, order such dishes as calamari, grilled bass or salmon, different kinds of carpaccio and tartare.

Café Varenye

This restaurant is not so chic but it stands out among the other eating places for its cozy and pleasant atmosphere. This bistro is located not far from Taras Shevchenko University and offer you and your beauty a great variety of dishes. So if you are really hungry this place is must visit. The interior of Café Varenye will remind you of a home in the countryside far away from a big city. It is very quiet and easy there. Be sure that such an atmosphere will make your relations with a Ukrainian woman more intimate!


Shoti is a top Georgian restaurant that will provide you with a unique opportunity to taste exotic dishes that originated in the Caucasus. The interior of Shoti is designed in European style and in best traditions of it. The spacious terrace of a restaurant is a perfect place to organize a romantic dinner. You should only reserve this place for you and your Ukrainian bride. The view from this terrace is just gorgeous!

Think beforehand which of these places to choose for the first date with you potential bride. Be thoughtful, generous and surprise your woman with an excellent choice!

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