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The grooms suit 2015

2015-09-14 01:45

Although the modern fashion has a lot of variants to propose, it is very difficult to select the suit that would be perfectly fit you. Each man wants his wedding tuxedo to suit his temper and emphasize his personality. What is more the groom`s suit should perfectly match to the bride`s dress. In such a case a couple will look harmoniously and will draw the guests` attention. 

The groom`s suit – modern tendencies of this year

If you are a conservative person you should pay your attention to the classic variants as a traditional three-piece suit designed in restraint colors: black, gray or dark shades of blue. For those who want to have a fashionable look that would amaze everyone it is worth paying attention to such hues as beige, light blue, chocolate etc. Russian women dating should also start with nice suit, so be careful not to overlook this.

Contrasts are very popular this season that is why you can experiment without being afraid of criticism. One of the variants for such an experiment is the combination of one-color jacket with checkered trousers. Some men wear tail-coats instead of jackets, and others prefer vests. Anyway each of these variants is extremely popular and is in line with modern tendencies.

What accessories should you choose?

To emphasize the elegance of your wedding suit you should select the proper accessories. Usually a tuxedo is worn with a cravat which should be lighter or darker than the hue of a shirt. As an alternative you can wear a bow-tie or neckerchief instead of cravat.

It is necessary to remember that an old rule: black top and white bottom doesn`t work yet. Your shirt may be of any color you want. It is even advisable to create a contrast. So, for a suit of beige or brown color you can wear a shirt of champagne hue. This color is really nice for the first day of Russian women dating.

The white color is considered to be perfect in any case. The shirt of this color will perfectly suit any tuxedo.

Tips for choosing the right accessory

A boutonniere should tone with bride's bouquet. That's perfect when the color of a boutonniere match the color of a cravat, shirt or wedding gown of the fiancée.

If you do not like boutonnieres it can be replaced by a pocket square.

It is very stylish when the shoes are of the same color as a suit. They can be also darker than a tuxedo.

Black shoes are considered to be perfect for the tuxedos of each color.

Socks mustn`t be in contrast to the colors of suits and shoes.

The color of shoes should match to the color of a belt

Important details while choosing a suit for a Russian women dating

The most important stage in choosing the right suit is trying on. It is a good opportunity to understand whether your suit fits you or not. First of all, you should pay attention to a jacket. When this item is on you there should be no wrinkles and curves. Many men have problems with the sleeves. You should remember that they should be a bit shorter than the cuffs.

The trousers should be neither too long nor too short. The perfect length is when the back side of the pants reaches the heel of your shoes without being folded. The belt should be worn at the level of a waist but modern designers offer a great variety of models with a low waistline. It depends only on your preferences what model to choose. A Russian woman dating takes an important about your suit, wanting it to be clean, neat and new.

It is also very important to consider the season during which the wedding will take place. When the festivity is in winter it is advisable to choose fur suit and as well if you want to impress your Russian women dating, fur suit could be choice. Such textures as natural silk, flax, cotton or thin silks are perfect for the warm times of the year. The undercoats in the expensive tuxedos are made of rayon. In cheaper variants such materials as polyether and acetate are used.

So consider this guide and useful tips and you will become the most elegant and beautiful groom one could ever imagine. Your bride will be over the moon!

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