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What should you be aware of before dating Russian or Korean girls online?

2015-08-27 00:00

If you fancy Russian women and are interested in the exotic culture of this country you should know the peculiarities of the Asian girls’ nature, in other words to be aware of their values, preferences, traits of characters etc.

Dating Russian girls online is not an easy task. You ask why? The answer is simple: even one error can irritate her and the wish to lead communication further will simply disappear. If you think that you are quiet successful and popular among Western women and shouldn`t pay much effort to bewitch a girl, you are mistaken. These women are quiet complicated and have the ideal image of a man they would venture to build the relationships with. 

So if your intention to find the future wife  while dating Russian girls online is serious, you should consider the following tips that will help you to charm woman even before meeting her in real life.


Be prepare to speak with her about the Dating Russian culture



There a lot of Asian countries such as China, Singapore, Japan, Philippines etc. So it is important to learn some basic issues about Russia and its cultural peculiarities before communicating with Russian girls in order to avoid confusions. It is terrible when a foreigner after mixing up with other Asian country, writes apologizing to a girl “Oh but all you people look the same”. Be sure that communication with this girl is over at this stage.

To escape such situations learn a little bit about dating Russian culture, as well as the traditions and values this country has. Remember that the most popular themes for discussions are arts, cuisine, technology etc. Show interest in these topics and your dating Russian girl will appreciate your inclinations. You shouldn`t forget that Russian and Korean women are very proud of their homeland and take it as an insult when you think that she is like a Western woman.


Pay much attention to your look


Women are very fashionable and spent much time to care about their appearance. That is why it is very important for them how you look, what brands and labels prefer. So if you are intending to impress your dating Russian match make sure that you dress well in case of communication via skype or meeting in real life.

Russian guys show no interest in such sort of things that is why if you want to show yourself in the best life interact with your girlfriend on such topics as fashion, trends, famous designers and things like that.


The key issue during a conversation


Dating girls online successfully means to ask and to tell about you and your personality as well. Remember that local girls are very inquisitive so they will also ask you a lot of questions. They are very smart and are eager to get to know more about people of other countries and cultures. So be open and friendly and reply her with full sentences describing in details the issue she is interested in. Otherwise she could lose the interest in you.

Prepare a little speech about yourself, your hobbies and passions so you will be able to reply her immediately. It is advisable to choose the most interesting aspects of your personality and to underline them while dating Russian girl online.


Be romantic and promise her an exciting life


Our women are tired of their everyday routine and want something new fresh and exotic. That is why they are eager to get acquainted with a foreigner thinking that having relationships with a man of other nationality will be fascinating experience that could grow into a strong and happy family. For all you know, you may be her vacation away from reality. So try to do this adventure as exciting and interesting as possible.


Differences in dating culture


A language barrier could become a real problem while dating Russian girls online. Of course, your potential partner will able to express the basic ideas or get them translated, but anyway the deepest feelings and emotions are better to be expressed in a native language. In spite of the process of globalization, people are deeply traditional and many think that foreigners should learn their language. So it is better when you will learn some phrases in their language to impress your girl and to show that you are really interested in her culture.

Furthermore, dating Russian girls are more serious in relationships than the Western women.  They also have different view on life and they pursue different aims. Russian and Ukrainian women are afraid of getting tight emotional connection to men, especially when they are foreigner. So do not hurry up and show your lady that your inclinations are serious. You should also remember that the most important values for the Russian girls are family and career. So do not think that after marrying such a girl you will find a housemaid who will be at home the whole day waiting for her husband coming from work. Of course, they will do the work about the house but only when they will be free from their professional tasks.

All this implies that dating Russian girls online as well as in reality is quite a serious challenge for a foreigner. So get yourself prepared for it and you will achieve the goal – happy family with an exotic and gorgeous girl.

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