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What to expect at the first meeting with your dates friends - advice

2015-10-01 21:24

Dating is a great chance to broaden your experience and to find an interesting person you won`t be bored with for the whole life. To achieve such positive results you should have good relationships with your girlfriend`s friends. Do not forget that you are a foreigner that is why the process of establishing trustful and good relations with the people of other nationalities is very specific.

Slavic woman dating is all about being appreciated by her environment, and her friends are not an exception in this case. One of your main tasks is to represent yourself in a favorable light before your dates friends and relatives. So, this article will help you with this issue.

Meeting her friends – revealing her secrets

Do not take the first meeting with your sweetheart’s friends as a trial because it is also a great chance to satisfy your curiosity about what a person your bride really is. The person`s character uncovers itself while being in free and easy atmosphere, in other words while being in a friends` circle. This meeting will be highly valuable for you as you will form a clear picture of the woman you are dating.

Do not stay close to your bride the whole time

It is likely that during the meeting with you girl`s friends you will be more comfortable while being with her the whole time. We recommends spend with your bride a-lot of time, but it is not advisable to behave like that. If you want to make positive impression, leave your date for a while and start the conversation with one of her friends tete-a-tete. Communicating with each of your woman`s friends personally will provide you with a great chance to know each of them better and to learn some interesting info about your bride as without her presence the friends will say much more than while being together with her.

You will become the center of attention

It is likely that your woman`s friends have already heard much about you so do not be confused if you become a center of attention and are showered with millions of questions. Do not be tong-tied and do not show the anxiety of being in such a situation. Hide your nervousness, be friendly and answer all the questions without the tremble in your voice.

Do not feel restrained to ask questions to

It is great when you remembered the names of your girlfriend`s friends. Now you have the possibility to ask them questions and show your interest in your date`s environment. Remember all the fact that your sweetheart have already told you about these people. Basing on this info ask each of the friends several questions, it will help you to establish a tight contact to you woman`s acquaintances.

Do not feel odd

Do not feel odd if the attention is switch over to the other theme such as reminiscing about past events and experiences all friends have shared together. Do not think that your date`s friends try to show you that you do not belong to this circle. It is just fascinating for them to remember something interesting from their common experience in your presence.

Avoid criticizing

It is not advisable to criticize your date`s friends and tell your sweetheart that they do not like you. It will confuse you girl and she will definitely feel awkward. Remember that any negativity from your part may be viewed as an attempt to set a friend against friend. Your bride`s friends are the inseparable part of her life so it is better for you to forge your own bonds with them so that the relationships with your girl will be more successful.

These were main tips that will be extremely helpful while meeting with your girlfriend`s friends circle. Woman dating and meeting with her nearest and dearest are two most important components in the process of creating your happiness. 

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