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Ideas for perfect first date

2015-07-24 00:00

Definitely you know that you will never be with the same girl for the second time, "first kiss", "first sex", "first date”, and also possibility of online dating free makes this unreal dream. Only paid service could lead to something true and natural.  You have only one chance and no more. And the first date is so essential, especially if you overcame the distance of thousands kilometers. It`s important to plan everything. Women like when their darling tries to make an impression. If you want to get real girl, then remember, online dating free sites are good for you but not good and safe for the ladies, and real users try to avoid the real sites.


You communicated a lot with your woman, you definitely know what she likes, especially flowers, sweets, places, dreams. If you don`t knows you won`t be frustrated. Most of Ukrainian and Russian women like roses, it doesn`t matter what colors they are. But quantity is important. Also you can present toys and sweets. Many girls like it. She will understand that you`re romantic person.  You`ll grow up in her eyes. 

The next step of ideal dating is to choose romantic place. Top 5 ideal places for cool dating:



  1. The dating on the roof.

Just imagine what emotions arise when your city, like the palm, reveals all its beauty! Especially tonight, when the lights are on and everything change into a true fairy tale. This date gives you and your woman a lot of impressions, pleasure and fun.The most important you should decorate these places: flowers (they can be different), candles and lights.You should order delicious dinner with champagne or wine. For each woman it is so romantic and unforgettable and soon you will understand how good was your decision when you decided to avoid online dating free services.


  1. RINK

According to 97% of all romantic comedies, skating is a classic place for the first date. Here the main thing - to find out whether she can skate well and most importantly, you should be able to skate.If she can`t, it will be even better. She`ll trust you and you can touch her, help and hold her hands. A good alternative is roller skating, if you can find the appropriate rink.


  1. Traveling by car

The trip can go by car. For example, to run for the whole day - from radio pours suitably music, your girl sitting next to - and you can talk freely and be quiet together. The atmosphere of absolute freedom - wherever you want, goes and goes! And you can think of ways an interesting route. To call in on the way to some beautiful town and see the sights, and then have a picnic somewhere along the way, and by evening reached somewhere in the river to watch the sunset on the shore . It`s also enough romantic, especially if you and your woman like to travel. She could tell you to send money, especially if you found her on online dating free service.


  1. ZOO

Most people (especially single) haven`t been for many years in zoos, so with some confidence I can say that for her it will be a surprise. You will have a lot of topics for discussion. If you know that she likes animals, It`ll be ideal dating. Another positive feature is that zoos are usually visited by families. Take her to the place where full of kids and koalas, and she will feel relaxed and not tense about without it. And it will be fun, it will be interesting for you and her.

Lady from online dating free site would never be able to go so far, most of them are scammers and they will just ask money from you, not giving you even a chance to meet her in real life.


  1.  Walk.

Long walks are ideally suited for summer dating. Take a bike and take a trip out of town. Or take a stroll through the city. Each city is unique and beautiful. We need only look at this beauty. Such trips are a great opportunity to talk and get to know each other better. It is not enough to communicate to us in a mad rhythm of life. Also you can have picnic together.


You see that it`s not necessary to have first date on the expensive restaurant or cinema. Ukrainian and Russian woman live in routine; they need to romantic, careful and kind man like you for their life. They don’t hang on the online dating free sites, because they value your time and their efforts to find love in internet. So, log in to Victoriyaclub and gain the heart of your dream woman!

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