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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Tenderbride – one of the best Ukrainian dating services the aim of which is to find a perfect match for everyone who is in search for love. In order to use our website effectively you should read our terms and conditions that will rule you in the right direction while looking for a gorgeous Ukrainian lady online.

To avoid the confusions read and agree to these conditions before getting the full access to all our services and becoming the member of our community. Pay attention to the fact that to continue to use Tenderbride you agree to be bound to our terms of use.

These conditions may be changed in time and you will be informed about them on our website after their introduction. To be up-to-date and aware of the entire amendments, visit this section from time to time and you will be able to monitor all the changes introduced by our administration, so it is better to add this page to your browser favorites.

If these conditions are not suitable for you, do not register on our dating website and do not use it for your purposes. As Tenderbride is one of the leading Ukrainian dating services , we try to organize our work effectively and without any damages for our users.

Tenderbride`s members` policy

One of the main principles of the our international dating site`s policy is the safety of our users. You are responsible for the way you are communicating with our members, so pay attention to the personal information posted in their profiles. Tenderbride is not responsible for our members` actions towards the other users of our dating site. However, the administration of our site has the right to conduct any screening or criminal background investigation connected with sex offends at any time with the use of any kind of public records.

We do not ensure you that on our dating site you will find your future wife but the chances for it are very high. It depends only on you and your activity on Tenderbride.  We do not responsible for any emotional distress or other problems evolved due to communication with our members or meeting with them in real life. You bear the responsibility for all the situations that have happened during offline communication with your partner offline. You should understand that Tenderbride doesn’t provide any guarantee regarding your compatibility with the girl you have met with the help of our website.


You are allowed to use and register on our international dating site in case you are already 18 years old. People, who have not reached this age yet, do not have any right to use our services as it is prohibited by law. Your membership ensures us with the fact that you are not going to offend our users and do something that does not correspond with law.

Member responsibility

You will never use our site to abuse or humiliate other members. Our service is one of the most reliable among other Ukrainian dating websites that is why our reputation is on the highest level. Your duty is to respect our rules and follow the agreement provided by our service.

Personal Content

You are responsible for all pieces of information that you are going to post on your personal page and show the other users of Tenderbride. If you post some offensive material or some info that cam humiliate the users of our service your account can be blocked without any previous warnings. Your responsibility is to notify the administration of Tenderbride in case you have noticed some misleading or abusive information posted by other users.

Membership and billing

You can become a member of Tenderbride for free but in order to get the additional services you are to pay for membership, the prices for which you can see in our special section “Rates and services”. If you want to get full access to our services you will have to upgrade the membership.

Governing law

This Agreement and any claim, controversy, or dispute relating to or arising hereunder shall be governed by and construed and interpreted by the law of the Czech Republic.


We may use a feature called Icebreakers. It's a randomly-sent message that lets users to start a conversation with you. To prevent spam, we only allow our verified ladies to send the Icebreakers. There is no limitation on the number of Icebreakers to receive so that you may receive more than one Icebreaker. Icebreakers may be sent by any available means of communication.


Tenderbride can change the terms due to the range of reasons: one of them is that our conditions held invalid. The new terms will be posted on our site immediately after their introduction.


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