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Against scam against scam
We value the clients very much; therefore we pay huge attention to «anti-scam» policy. Everybody knows that in the sphere of appointments there is a lot of fraud and deception. All the matter is that many people consider that on dating it is possible to earn easy money. We have raised a bar and we adhere to it. The special «anti-scam» department which protects our clients from fraud works at our website, and it is our pride. The trust of our clients is guarantee of our success. cooperates with local bureau of acquaintances. Women who look for the relations at first come to their offices.  Women who speak a foreign language, aren't afraid of long distances, and look for the long relations are recommended to sign up for Thus dating agencies carry out a role of the intermediary. But this fact isn't enough for us, before beginning to cooperate. Women have to pass defined test which confirm their intentions on the serious relations.


Women who want to become members of our site take such tests:
1.    Our Anti-scam department tremblingly checks all information in ladies profiles. Happens that agencies fill in girls or create false profiles. Therefore we ask some biographical questions directly, our task not to allow deceiving our male clients.
2.    We ask questions which prove that she are that woman for who gives itself, but not other person who is simply wishing to take away your money.
3.    Thanks to Skype, we have a regular opportunity to see and communicate with all our participants.
4.    If you had doubts about your ladies honesty. Whether, at first check you were mistaken and it is her profile, then you have to ask her to turn on the webcam to see her. If for a long time, she refuses to do it and tries to lower to answer a direct question and bypasses a question very accurately, then you have the correct reason to write to our Anti-scam department and we instantly will begin investigation of your case.


Protect yourself from scams. Our Councils
1.    First of all don't send money for your lady. You ask why?! It is known that all women mad about purchases, and some of them - the real spendthrifts. When the woman receives money, it is quite possible that she will spend money for clothes or cosmetics. Don't indulge their passion of expenditure of money.
2.    After few months of communication don't think that it is love. Moreover don't consider that it is mutual love, even if she says- “I love you”. Of course you communicate with her every day by video a chat, write the thoughts, and think that you know about what she thinks but you can't know her real feelings. Here it is very easy to get confused. Whether the most correct way to understand is it loves to meet in real life. If you don't want to be deceivedб better use our services. We can organize an appointment in her country or help the girl to arrive to you. Spend with the girl at least 1 week to understand do you love each other.
3.    It is easier to find a soul mate if to use services of the professional interpreters. Our many girls studied English at school, and then at university, they think that they know language, but they have no practice of real communication at all. That misunderstanding at communication it wasn't better to listen to this council. Sometimes women have difficulties with translation of your letters, so they use the electronic translator. But unfortunately, all of us know as the electronic translator can distort a thought. Of course it is possible to learn language, but not all on the participant can afford it. But it is not an occasion to refuse the idea to find the love. Several professional interpreters are on our staff. We recommended using the help of our interpreter in time of romantic travel. Especially he is necessary to you if you go to others country, (to her) to avoid misunderstanding with the beloved and other people. If you have some problems with interpreters, you may file a complaint about them. You need to know, if you want to meet a girl without our help, you do it at your own risk.
4.    Of course, you want to make sure that the beautiful girl from the picture, and the person with whom you communicative it’s the same person. The easiest way it to invite her in in video chat as often as possible and to ask her to send many photos. Usually, scammer uses the stolen photos of beautiful women, but if you ask to send newer photos, it can expose the scammer. There is also such problem that honest women from which were stolen photos and the victims of scammers, Nevertheless the problem consists that many worthy ladies whose photos were stolen and used to deceive men from their money are on black lists of scammers though they are the victims themselves, and they don't even understand. 
5.    Happens that women hide the marital status, they are unfaithful to their husbands, and will hardly be a good partner for you. Remember people don't change. We advise not to start communication with such women. Woman can hide she’s status, because she’s a scammer, and she want only your money. As we already spoke anti-scam department is our pride. We check passports of all our participants to be sure that they are single. Only unmarried women can, became our participants. Besides, we make copies of her passport to have confirmation that she was only, being age and to be real. We are sure that all our members are not scammers.
6.    Besides, such big websites as take the accountability for the translation of the message, gifts delivery, and organizing tours of the country. We do everything that it was pleasant to you in our country, providing a car and an apartment to our clients. These are additional services, but we recommend to you to use them for more comfortable pastime. 100% quality. If you want not to be tricked on your travel, use our services.
It, it has to be definitely mentioned that women can fall the victim of fraud, and also men can, and unfortunately such situations can have more serious consequences. There are several cases on a crime against women:
Some women get private means or own the apartment, jewelry, the car, etc. Such women can fall a victim of gigolos and swindlers who have placed draft on them. There are cases when the woman who madly loves such type of the guy, is convinced to sell everything and moves abroad to marry her darling. There she is deceived or robbed, anyway she does will say to her money – “Good-bye”. Sexual slavery - one of the biggest dangers facing women who risk visit other country. Some women come to foreign countries and don't know language, lows, relying only on itself.  Happen women are taken against their will, they are raped.  In connection with this problem, the American government has adopted the law in March, 2006, "International Regulation Matchmaker" which speaks:  having forbidden that the American citizens exchange information contacts with foreign women.
There are many websites on the Internet where black lists of female scammers are listed. They are suspected of deception of money from men. Defrauded men post photos of untruthful women and filed complaints against them. But sometimes vindictive men, do it of revenge. And the women actually haven’t relation to deception at all. Some men even pay such anti-scam websites to have the data of a woman published in a black list. Never know all history of the relations, and the km can be trusted. Dating sites use the huge efforts to protection men and women against deception, but they I can't guarantee that the relations between the man and the woman will develop. Nobody can know get you married or will leave. Nobody can feel provided against bad habits, malevolence and rough behavior of their partner. Nevertheless it has huge value for our website to force our participants to feel provided against any crimes and especially fraud. For this reason it was necessary to create department of anti-scam. This decision has been approved by our many clients, besides it has won their full confidence.


It has been much told about fraud and swindlers. Any doesn't want to be the victim of them; nevertheless everybody can sometimes meet them in world network. The purpose and an obligation of our department consist in protecting interests of our consumers against any problems connected with scammers. Many clients have found their happiness and yet not one of them complained. Besides, we can guarantee that in case you fall the victim of fraud on our website, you will be, give compensation or has paid the sum of money which you have spent for communication with the woman.It is very important for us that you can find the soul mate, the happiness and love through  We make all efforts to make your search effective easy and safe. Thanks for attention, have a good day.


Best regards,

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