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Real Ukrainian story-unexpected turn of Russian girl video

2015-06-09 00:26

I will not tell my name, because this story happened directly to me last year when I used too much Russian girl video chatting and finally decided to go to see my favorite girl from the public chat. I ordered several times private chat with this girl and liked her blonde curls very much. Being a little impatient to meet my Blondie, I asked her about, what if I come to you in Russia.


She told, of course my dear, but I live in Ukraine, not in Russia, I was surprised but I’m not very keen in these, I’m from Texas and I’ve been so enthusiastic to come wherever she says. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised that Americans don’t need visa to Ukraine; I bought tickets and finally landed in Kiev. She met me, her name is Galina, she is so unbelievably fresh and beautiful so, I felt in love from the first sight in Airport, we went to the hotel and then she made me a brief walk over the town.

Love from first sight do exist!



So, that was all for the first day, I was tired and my Russian girls video worked very nice for me for the first day. On the second day we went shopping in Kiev together, she was amazing, I enjoyed every sight of her walk and smiles, we loved spending time together, and finally I realized that she starts to like me too. We’ve bought a lot of fancy stuff on the shopping and that changed us, she kissed me during the day. I was amazed and so excited when she did. We went to a hotel and spend a couple of hours making the hottest love in my live, She did unexpected things, and I thought about taking her to Austin in Texas where I live.

On the third day she invited me to her home, she did a lot of tasty stuff I heard about before, but never tried in my life, thick Ukrainian soup that they call “borsch”, pies with garlic that is pampushki, and many different pies with cottage cheese and meat inside. That was very nice of her to make mom-like kitchen stuff exclusively for me.

Ukrainian cuisine is always fresh and tasty, you going to be a fan of it after the marriage.

You know, I’m 40 years old, and this sounds kind of crazy but I had three wives before, first I was married when I was 19, then 25, and then 31 and for my entire life nor of them did so many freshly made bakery as these girl made for me on the third day of our amazing date.

I’ve heard that girls love decision maker-s, and I made a decision to ask her to be my wife, cause I felt in love immediately. She wasn’t certain; she told she needs to ask her parents. By the way, I bought nice ring with the big diamond for this. She accepted the ring and told me she will answer tomorrow. We had a nice night of love again, and then I had to meet her parents.

Russian girls video worked for me even more than I expected. After I met the parents, I realized that because of some rules she cant go with me, she needs US visa to join me. It’s a big American mistake to require visa from so unearthly beautiful girls. Finally, she told yes, and we went to Vegas and I was married again after three divorces before in my life. Hope this time lasts forever. Now my wife whom I found on the Russian girls video knows how to ride a horse and she looks happy on our rancho.

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