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So, you have visit your lady, what is next?

2015-09-30 15:57

Russians are well-known for their family values. These values are one of the most significant criteria according to which foreign men choose their future wife. Russian ladies put their family and relatives on the first place that is why they are very loyal and, as a rule, become perfect wives and mothers.

So, Russian online dating can be very challenging for you as a woman will certainly want you to meet her family as soon as it is possible. Slavic people spend a lot of time in the family circle celebrating holidays together, travelling or visiting some cultural establishments as theater, cinema, and circus.

While Russian online dating,, show a girl that you are ready to establish intimate and good relationships not only with her but with her nearest and dearest. Being kind, courteous and friendly is a great way to become a part of your girlfriend`s family. Observe their traditions and show your affection to a woman you are dating. If her relatives approve you and your relationships it is a good sign, so you can start planning the wedding.

Be thoughtful

Russian online dating means that you should be a real gentleman otherwise the results will be unsuccessful.  And a real gentleman should be thoughtful! This is the main feature that will help you to win the affection of you woman as well as her family.

Russian people are very hospitable that is why the visit to your girlfriend`s home will be warm and pleasant. You will be treated like a President, so be ready to appreciate your girlfriend’s family attention with a small present such as a bottle of wine, flowers for the mother, some souvenir etc. Be sure, your efforts will bring you only pluses as they will show your beloved woman`s family that you are a thoughtful, attentive and caring man who deserves being in relationships with their daughter.

The actions speak louder than words

Your actions always speak louder than words. It is not enough to say everyone that you are madly in love with this girl; you should prove your feeling with actions. So, remember whatever you promise to your future-in-laws you should support these intentions with a real plan. If you are consistent in doing everything you have promised your future wife`s family will be sure that their daughter will be with you as safely as behind a stone wall.

Honesty is the key factor

Russian online dating means a lot of obligations and one of them is being honest with your bride as well as with her family. Be open and ready to tell her relatives what you are planning, how you see the marital life …Do not be confused if your girlfriend`s parents ask a lot of questions, they have the right for doing it. She is their daughter and they worry about her. Marriage with a foreigner means that a girl will move abroad and the parents have a lot of fears concerning this tremendous change in their life. Be confident and honest while answering and describing yourself and you will be able to reassure your future-in-laws that everything will be just perfect.

Spend much time with her family

Once the relationships with the future bride from Russian online dating service have become serious and you are both planning to get married, take an opportunity and spend much time with her and her relatives before leaving your girlfriend’s homeland. The parents will appreciate such a commitment. While communicating with a family, tell about the way of life you lead, about your home and relatives, if it is possible show the photos. While doing so you can be sure that you Russian bride`s family will accept you very quickly. Moreover, communicating with parents you will get to know more information or even secrets about your sweetheart. So, it is also a great chance to become more intimate with you future bride.

Whatever steps you take to getting to know you Russian online dating woman’s family, make sure that you are genuine. If your bride`s family will approve you as the best candidate for their daughter’s future husband you can be sure that you will acquire a big and strong family as well as marital happiness!

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