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How is the wedding celebrated in Russia?

2015-06-23 03:00

Meeting and dating Russian women for marriage is romantic. The traditional Russian wedding is not just the ceremony; it is one of the most important events in the lives of two people.


A groom asks the hand of his beloved her parents. This event is a good occasion for the parents of the couple to get acquainted. According to the Russian traditions, the young man should bring two flower bouquets, the one for the future mother-in-low, another one for his fiancée. If nobody is against the wedding, the father of the bride takes the hand of his daughter and puts it in the hand of the groom. Then follows the dinner where all the preparations to the wedding are discussed.

The “buying out” of the bride

When everything is arranged, and the wedding day has come, the groom comes to his fiancée, where he is met be the friends of her. Their duty is not to let him come in and take the bride to the registration office. They do it by making the groom to answer the questions and to take part in various competitions. When he loses, his friends must give some money or sweets to the crowd, making their best to please it. Ones the groom is inside, he presents a lush bouquet to his beloved and they go to a registration office.

A registration

A registration of the wedding is an official part of the wedding ceremony where the couple invites their friends and close relatives. A clerk asks if the couple agrees to enter into a marriage, if the answer is positive, they change wedding rings, sign papers, and get their marriage certificate.

After ceremony, young couple goes walking to the local memorials. Usually they bring the flowers to the memorials of the World War II, to show their respect and thankfulness for the piece. Almost in every town, there is a place where the couple binds a ribbon or hangs a latch with their written names on it. It is another tradition and doing that they demonstrate their strong feelings.

The dinner

Almost on any wedding is invited a master of ceremonies, who meets the young couple and offers seats to the guests according to the rules. There are a lot of jokes, competitions, actions, toasts, songs and presents.

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