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How to be pleased on Russian dating sites?

2015-09-14 01:57

Russian dating site is becoming an essential part of our lives and the most effective and easiest way to strike up a relationship. However, some people still do not know how to behave in similar online resources. Following the simple tips, you can learn how to behave on Russian dating sites and be liked by many interlocutors.

Choosing a name for dating site

When you choose a name for a Russian dating site, it is better to be honest from the start and use your own name. If you decided to hide under a pseudonym, please use simple and concise words describing your personality. Avoid platitudes and frivolous types of hints: I want to love, sexy Macho and difficult English words. You can see similar names on sites, but you want to be unique, right?

Once the name is selected and you are registered, you need to download the photos.

Upload photos to a Russian dating site

Upload your pictures, not pictures of models from the Internet. Be serious when you choose your photos – don’t take a picture facing the old wallpaper, chairs, sofas, stoves, etc. Upload only beautiful pictures! It is best to upload multiple pictures in various formats: you are in full growth, your face close-up, your profile, you're on the move. If you do not have such long shots, do not be too lazy to go out with a camera and a friend who will work as a photographer. You can take a picture on the background of a beautiful old building, monument, near the lake, etc. Make sure that nothing unnecessary is in the frame. Also, pictures can fully tell about you and your hobbies. Avoid explicit pictures in lingerie, if you do not want to be treated badly! In an extreme case, attach to the photographs puzzle: twilight, hat covering half his face, lightly draped sarongs ... Experiment and do not forget to slightly edit your photos into a special program such as Photoshop. Now you need to start communication.

How to communicate on Russian dating sites?

Behave yourself as unusual person from the first notes! Banal expression like "Hey, how are you?" is already out of date and. Find or fancy original phrases! Avoid spelling errors. If you do not know how to spell a particular word, do not be lazy to use spelling dictionaries. It is literally one or two clicks on the Internet, but the impression of you will not be spoiled.

To be perfect on the dating site, learn how to be not self-centered. You should have more and sincere interest to your interlocutor, but do not screw up with questions of a personal nature! Also, do not share a bad mood, and personal experiences. It has proven to friends and loved ones. And you need to be patience and make a positive impression on a man from a Russian dating site. Give joy, and you will return a hundredfold more! And probably the most important piece of advice: do not be afraid to have a date in reality! Internet is not so important thing, but meeting face to face and you will learn more about a person than having the correspondence in the network, because virtual life doesn’t give us a pleasure to see eye expressions, gestures, manners, etc. Also you should think over the tactics and a plan of action. And do not forget about safety! I’m not talking about sex (you will decide whether or not to go to bed at first date, and how to protect themselves during sex - is also your initiative), but in terms of self-preservation - you never know what kind of person was on the other side of the screen. Going to a meeting, report their friends or relatives (or maybe just one best friend) about where you going and with whom, and when you are going to get back. Just in case your friend from Russian dating site will not be honest.

Maybe the meeting will end great. Or maybe not. Don’t be upset!  You should understand and realize do you need this relationship? Is it worth spending time on a specific person on the network or better on a nice neighbor next to you? Remember that the most valuable thing - believe in yourself! After all, you have something to be loved for with your Russian dating site muse. So, sooner or later you will be loved and respected.

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