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Dating site for those who suffered from infidelity

2015-09-14 02:26

Everyone in this world wants to find a devoted partner who would not dare to cheat on them. The statistic shows that almost 80 percent of those who were in relationships and have become the victims of infidelity. It may sound cynical, but the truth is so, if you are one of these persons, why don’t you try Russian girls dating. This percentage shows that people prone to betray. It is very sad, but such situations can help people to cease the sick relationships and acquire new and different ones.

Because of such a statistic two people who have suffered from infidelity decided to launch a new dating site aimed at lovers whose heart was broken. It is so called “anti-Ashley Madison Fidelity Dating” site that offers men and women who were betrayed to find their new true love with Russian girls dating options. This dating service is very specific and has already become extremely popular among the users.

The founders` personal tragedies

So the site was created by Gary Spivek and his partner, Julie, who had also this bitter experience of being betrayed. Spivek is 45 years old and a former financial advisor from New Jersey. His story was so: the man found his girlfriend in a motel with a guy. The situation is typical and banal but anyway his heart was broken. 

"I still do not like watching TV shows or movies that are connected with betrayal," Gary says.

"I had been in relationships with this woman for several years. Once she started behave weird, or better to say not as usual. She met someone every evening explaining her absence by being out with her friends, but we used to meet friends together. She came home a bit drunk etc. And then you revealed the truth: she has cheated on me. I felt awfully. My heart was broken”.

Because of stress, the man lost almost twenty pounds in two weeks. Only after several years he was ready to get acquainted with other women and enjoy her and this was Russian girls dating service.

Julie who created this site in cooperation with Gary, has more interesting and unusual story after which it was quiet difficult for the girl to start new relationships and begin trusting people again.

“She had long-lasting relationships with, at the first sight, smart and responsible man. But one day she got to know that he had secretly married other woman while actually being in relationships with Julie. He stabbed her in the back”, – Spivek commented on the personal tragedy of her partner and friend.

Gary succeeded to find his true love, having been married for the last 10 years, but he has found it rather difficult to forget the pain of heartbreak.

So, the idea to create a special website especially for people who once were betrayed seemed to Julie and Gary to be creative and effective. And their expectations were justified. The site has already attracted a lot of people.

Why it is also called ‘anti-Ashley Madison” site? The answer is simple. The credo of this Russian girls dating service is   ‘Life is short, have an affair.’ Fidelity Dating site confronts this idea by its own tagline: ‘Love is precious. Stay faithful.’

Why to choose this particular site?

Of course, the administration of this site cannot reassure you that all the users of this service are not able to betray, but there is a hope. It is unlikely that people will inventively register on Fidelity Dating to cheat on their partners. As there is NO excuse for cheating – none, ever!

The only thing you should do is to register your profile on Russian girls Dating Fidelity and meet your soulmate there. Be sure, you will be able to find you perfect match with the help of this service because people who had the same distress get closer to each other easier. This common background (even if it is not pleasant) will contribute to better understanding your partner and will increase the level of confidence in him, as well allow you to find your Russian girls dating if you want.

Remember that Fidelity Dating is a site for serious online daters who forgot about their sorrow experience and are ready for serious and long-lasting relationships. In summer the service is offering free trial memberships to serious singles seeking faithful mates. So hurry to register your profile there!

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