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How to date ukrainian woman

2015-10-01 21:06

Western men think that Ukrainian ladies are modern thinking, therefore they do not pay much attention to gentlemen who prefer making court to women in an old-fashioned style. If you have the same opinion, you are mistaken. Ukrainian dating customs popularize the relationships that are built in an old-fashioned style. Ukrainian ladies dream about a man who will treat her as a princess and a real lady.

In Slavic countries there are not so many real gentlemen who are ready to do the craziest things for their girlfriends. That is why women in these countries are seeking for men who will help them to realize their beauty and tenderness.

So, below you can find some Ukrainian dating customs that were and are still appreciated by the vast majority of Ukrainian and other Slavic women. 

Here are some tips on Ukrainian women for dating:

  1. Flowers! Flowers are the important part of the Ukrainian dating etiquette. That is why coming for the first date without at least one rose will be considered to be bad manners. The more flowers in a bouquet the better. Do not forget that a bouquet should consist of the odd number of flowers. Moreover, it is advisable to buy a gorgeous bouquet for your girlfriend`s mother when you meet her.
  2. Pay attention to your appearance. If you want your lady to feel like a princess while being with you, it is necessary to look like a real prince too.  First impressions are always made according to a guy`s appearance, only then his nature and personality are taken into account.
  3. Do not shake woman's hands when meeting her. In Ukraine and in many Slavic countries there is no custom for shaking women`s hand upon the meeting. The tradition of shaking hands is only applied to men. In this case, make sure you take off your gloves when you are greeting your Ukrainian dating girlfriend`s father (for example).
  4. Offer your arm to a woman. In Ukraine woman and men do not hold hands while walking, instead a girl should take the man`s arm. While crossing a street be sure that you have offered your arm to your lady. Assist her in public transport: give her a hand when she alights etc.
  5. The pouring is your duty. While being in a restaurant or having a dinner at home pay attention to your lady`s glass, it should be always full. Ukrainian dating etiquette says that it is a man`s duty to do the pouring.
  6. Much alcohol is not advisable. Many Slavic men have drinking problems that it is why Ukrainian women have a negative attitude to alcohol. When it comes to drinking control yourself and try not to get tipsy otherwise the first impression about you will be negative.
  7. Take off your shoes entering the house. Ukrainian people are very neat that is why their keep their homes clean. You will be offered an extra pair of shoes that are intended to be used only insight.
  8. Making a proposal.  Remember that Ukrainian people observe their traditions thus and so after making a proposal to your Ukrainian bride, ask her parents for their daughter`s hand. If you are far away and do not have the possibility to come to this country to meet your girlfriend`s parents, use a mobile phone. Though this decision is not the best one but you can make an official proposal as soon as you arrive in Ukraine.

Remember that parents` opinion are extremely important for Ukrainian brides that is why it is you priority to talk down to your woman`s relatives.

So, you have read some tips for how it is advisable to behave with your Ukrainian dating woman and with her environment. Be diligent and study more information about Ukrainian dating etiquette. It will prevent you from being confused and disappointed while visiting your girlfriend in her native country. Being a real gentleman will brings you as much pleasure as to your beloved woman. Good luck!

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