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Ladies for dating - 5 types of online daters

2015-09-30 15:36

Ladies for dating are very different and each of them has the unique personality. In spite of various nationalities women have a lot of common features according to which you can determine the type of girls for dating. Being aware of these women`s type will help you to treat the women in web differently and find and individual approach to each of them.

So, each sort of women possesses a particular range of features as well as prefers certain type of communication. This article will help you to determine what girls for dating can become a potential partner and will teach you communicate with a lady online.


On dating sites there are many Russian ladies for dating who have traditional view on romantic relationships between men and women. They truly believe in the myth that men are real hunters and women are preys correspondingly. All popular magazines claim that females shouldn`t chase men otherwise they will be considered to be light-headed. So ladies with such view of life expect men chase and court them as only in such a way they will feel their beauty and their female nature.

These girls are easy for dating as long as you keep paying compliments to them, making them laugh and surprising with small presents. This type of girls for dating do not hurry to respond to men so you should be persistent and only when you will break the ice the communication with her will be interesting, pleasant and exciting.


Yes-girl is a special type of ladies for dating who do not ponder for a long type before answering a man`s message. You can determine this type of women by the quickness of their answers and slightly unserious behavior. Yes-girl will answer you even without viewing your profile and then disappears or ignore your next messages.

If a girl responds you “Yes” or send you other messages without taking a look at your account`s personal info, it is for sure a “yes-girl”. If you really like this lady write her as many messages as you can. It is likely that she will get interested in one of them and reply you with a positive and detailed answer.

Checklist girls

This type of ladies is very serious and thoughtful one. As a rule, they have a special list of men by whom they were written or with whom they are fascinating with. These girls for dating have also the list of requirements and then select their potential partners basing on these criteria. Maybe it is boring, but sometimes such a logical way of searching for love appears to be very effective. Checklist ladies for dating are full of beauties.

So, if a woman have a long list of requirements in her profile, she is likely to be a checklist girl. Provided you are sure that you possess all the features that are mentioned in this list, do not hesitate to write to this girl. If you do not suit her requirements change your profile a little bit so that a woman will answer your message for sure.

The pretty non-responder

These girls have wonderful profiles with gorgeous photos but they answer to men very seldom. It seems that they are waiting for the special one who will capture her attention and affection from the first message. With such cool profiles they expect to be written by a prince.

So, if in a girl`s profile they are many of professional and gorgeous photos, she is likely to belong to this type. But what should you do to make her respond? The answer is nothing in particular. The only way to increase your chances is to write her emotional and funny message instead of the simple “Hey, girl”. Who knows, maybe you are exactly a man that she is waiting for.


Casual ladies for dating are the most popular type of women on dating websites. As a rule, they register their profiles on a dating site not inventively: on advice of their friends or just for fun. So these girls are open for communication and do not have a particular scheme for online dating, they just enjoy this process. Very often they contact the potential partners themselves without being afraid of ignorance. For casual girls online dating is an extremely exciting adventure.

So, such ladies like witty, fun and emotional men. Be genuine and do not force the relationships with her. While chatting, a girl feels free and unstrained; she will agree to speak via Skye with you only when she is ready for it.

Knowing what types of girls for dating are active on dating sites will help you to structure the communication with them better and more effective. Remember that all the women are different therefore it is necessary to find and individual approach to each of them.

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