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Wedding traditions in Ukraine

2015-06-29 00:00

Wedding in Ukrainian culture is one of the most important celebrations. Wedding ceremony has a wide range of traditions and conditions, so it can last for several days or even a week. What season do Ukrainian girls usually get married?

Nowadays the peak of wedding season is summer. But in fact, in earlier times, no one got married in the busiest season of the year: there were no time to celebrate, because of a lot of work in the fields and gardens. In the past traditional wedding season was autumn, when agricultural and peasants’ work was done.

Ukrainian tradition of bride kidnapping were very popular even decades ago: with the help of trick there existed a possibility to get quite rich, kidnapping Ukrainian brides for a couple of hours. The main thing for the kidnapper was to hide a stolen girl for no less than a couple of hours. Then a groom was ought to marry a girl, if she accepts his proposal. But nowadays this tradition is not enforced any longer, buying out a bride being widely used instead.

Apart from that, there was a tradition of bride’s shoe stealing during the wedding ceremony. The fiancé had to buy it out demonstrating his financial state. Now the shoe can be stolen for fun reasons with no significance, it usually occurs in the middle of the wedding celebration. But it is not recommended to do this, not telling the bride.

According to tradition, the bride and groom should in advance bypass people invited to inform them about the upcoming celebration. Nowadays, young people can leave an invitation card or a greeting card in an envelope.

At the registry, parents sprinkle newlyweds with rose petals, coins and this all symbolize future of spouses to live prosperously and happy.

Peculiarities of wedding banquet

At the table, the bride should sit to the right of the groom. The groom's parents should sit to the right of the bride. Then best friend of a bride, bridesmaids, distinguished guests, relatives and other invited persons are arranged by closure to the bride and groom. Married guests must sit together.

An essential attribute of wedding ceremony – is a karavay (wedding cake) baked by women, who is happy in her marriage. Karavay - is a high wheat cake, decorated with baked flowers, cones, birds, stars and moon. These things symbolize the strength of future married life, happiness, welfare and mutual love.

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