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Love after 40 years

2015-08-02 00:00

 ‘These were feelings!‘ - Many people think, recalling their first love. Everything ends, and recollecting the memories, it seemed that from the one sight of your lover you are going to pass out. Unfortunately, in the most cases, the first love stays in the past. After first love which follows by second and third and so on. As time goes, and you are not 18 years, all of us want to find someone who will understand you without any words. Dating chat could help in this matter.


The amazing thing, psychologists say – feel real love to someone you are able after 40 years. Okay, but what about those oohs and aahs in 17 years? Or it is not love? And maybe, you need to wait up to 40, and only then get married and have families? Scientists have divided love into several types. This classification will help us to understand them and find someone who is going to understand you by using the dating chat with Russian girls.


‘Love-drama‘ visits us in adolescence. Simple blind adoration to a per. It is not necessary to be near. Teenagers often fall in love with actors, musicians, teachers, in general, people inaccessible to them. This is the whole drama of the situation. Such a relationship, if they tried, the ends are often not very good. Type of ‘love drama’ relates more to a kind of self-love, because love captured a person totally absorbed in themselves and their experiences, and people don’t usually believe in something like a dating chat, but they should even try.


‘Love -passion‘ comes to us in adult age, after 18. Most marriages are created in this period, and then break up, because people are not able to deal with their emotions, could not go to a new level of their relations. ’Love-passion’ - is an irresistible desire to possess the whole person, sometimes forgetting about his own needs. These lovers are too focused on their desires. Period till 30 years named ‘the most informative‘. At this time, we are constantly get bumps on forehead, committing a lot of mistakes, which show us the real life, and which dating chat lacks of.



‘Love-respect’ - that's the definition of true love. This kind of feeling is already involves shifting the focus from himself to another and according to psychologists, in most cases, these are people after 40 years.

If you think about it, by 40th anniversary, is already so much time gone and you have learned life from all sides. You have begun to understand something. In 20 years, people mainly driven by ambitions and emotions: you want a well-paid job, a car and always have a family with nice kids. The main thing is to keep up with the others and do not to upset the family. Here, young people have made major mistakes, which they turn into major failures in life. They often do things not because they want to, but because it is necessary to choose the final solution with the dating chat which changes all your life. Enjoy dating chat possibilities, open up new horizons.

 Since 30 years rethinking of values begins and to the age of 40 people are beginning to understand many things in their life. From the relationship they want peace and warmth, so they will do everything necessary for this. And of cause people need the dating chat to start something new, shine and interesting in their life.

Some people do not believe in love in general, while others derive useful lessons from their past and try not to repeat that awful mistakes.

After 40 years, person usually departs from the fact that you need someone to prove something. In this age they are ready for love, not for beautiful eyes, money and fashionable car. Also, the person understands that if the object of their sympathy looks good, but has a nasty character, it is better to stay away from her, even if she is from dating chat. If you are unsuccessful, you have a great opportunity to draw the right conclusions and start living with pleasure. Let someone take care of you, so you can feel the long-awaited happiness. Therefore, do not use framework around itself and do not hide yourself from people. Remember you are not too old for love. What if it's just started knocking on your door?

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