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Dating Russian ladies

2015-09-30 01:37

How to flirt with Russian girls online? Simple rules to follow

Dating Russian ladies is not a simple task as they like to receive much attention from men. What should you write in the first messages? What phrases to use to show the girl you are really fascinated with her? While dating Russian ladies online you should consider these issues beforehand.

Alright let's get right to it.

Almost all Russian girls like flirting but you should know at what point to end it and to begin to speak seriously to your potential girlfriend. So, even one thoughtless message could ruin all what you have achieved already, to be precise, your lady`s attention and interest.

Why texting is so important while dating Russian ladies online? The answer is very simple: it is the only available way for her to treat you and to understand what kind of person you are. Do not use the banal phrases that have gained popularity floating around the web, try to use your own words and ideas and the lady will be interested in further communication with you.

So, to practice flirting skills you can read a number of articles on this theme. If you are interested in psychology it can be also helpful while dating Russian ladies as flirting and gaining attention of girls is about psychological tricks provided they are used smartly. So as soon as you feel confident and are sure that the time has come, write to a girl whose profile has attracted you. The following steps will assist you while messaging with her.

Step 1

Greeting and the first message are very important! Try to greet her in a funny way and use an exclamation mark after the witty phrase which you have invented. If you have already chatted with this girl before you can use more exclamation marks to show that you are extremely happy to see her online again.

Step 2

Use smileys when she writes something funny to you. Show her that you are fascinated with her witty messages and are eager to continue the conversation. To force the interaction answer her with some funny message also but be sure that you sense of humor allows you to do it.

Step 3

Flirting with emoticons. As it has been written above you can express with the help of smileys not only you reaction to some messages but also your feeling to the girl you are communicating with. On dating sites there is a wide range of such emoticons with the help of which you can send a present, kiss or winking. But do not overuse smileys as you may be treated to be immature and not very serious toward the girl.

Step 4

Switch on your imagination and give your girl a special nickname as “honey’, “sweetie” or something else. But do not forget about her real name; use these nicknames only when communication has become more intimate.

Step 5

Pay her compliments but thoughtful ones. If you see that your woman interacted with your on serious of even philosophical themes, say that she is smart. If she writes funny messages to you say her that she has a good sense of humour. Groundless compliments would irritate you girl so be sure that she deserves these appraisals.

Step 6

Show the interest in her life. Ask her questions about how she has spent her day, about the things that bring her pleasure. Make inquiries about her plans and goals. But do not forget to describe yourself a little bit also. Too many questions is quiet an unreasonable way to make the conversation more lively.

Step 7

Move things to other social networks. Such services as Facebook, for example, will give you much more information about your match then her profile on a dating site. The more information you have the easier is to flirt with the potential partner. Moreover, you will get more info about the way of life she leads: how many friends she has, what post she prefers and what interests she has. Such details will give you a hint on what theme it is better to communicate with a girl.

Hopefully, these tips will be helpful in the time-taking process of gaining your lady`s heart. Do not lose your chance. Good luck!

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