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How to overcome shyness of the first date

2015-07-16 13:13

The first date after online communication with Russian girls webcam, is a real challenge for both partners. The phenomenon called “dating shyness” could ruin a perspective to build tight and harmonious relationships. This feeling that often doesn’t appear while online-dating, functions as an invisible barrier which should be destroyed by both partners.


You need to remember, that sooner or later interactive or so called virtual communication to Russian girls webcam has to develop in the real relationships. However, this change may become a stumbling block for a couple. Such a difficult psychological situation is explained by several reasons.


First of all, all the people stand in an awe of the first date, because they fear to disappoint and to embarrass their potential partner. Both sides of a potential couple face such fears. Consequently, they seek to postpone a personal meeting under the various pretexts. Therefore it is better to minimize the time of communication in network. Many people also consider that such a long-continued correspondence emotions, time and energy, needed for a real communication between the Russian girls webcam and men of her dreams. But, in fact, in such a way it is very difficult to learn the nature and the inner world of a person, as well as to get intimate to him/her.


It is well-known, that humans are social beings who are in need for communication. It is one of our basic needs – to be part of a society and to be able to exchange our thoughts and emotions with others. When someone doesn`t have the possibility to interact with other people, he/she gets depressed and lose the positive attitude to life as well as to other members of the society. Virtual communication (chatting or emailing) on the Russian girls webcam service cannot substitute these needs that is why it is important to make the first step and to ask your partner out.



The first date is always stressful experience. And if you, really, feel sympathy for the person, you are communicating on the Russian girls webcam service, the situation might become even more difficult because of the hope that this person will become your better half or soulmate. Nowadays men as well as women use a range of psychological techniques which help to overcome timidity and in confidence while communicating with the people who are little known to them.


First of all, we should apply the existing rules of behavior in society. Good manners, fashion, courteous treatment, and even slang help to make the process of communication easier.


Alternatively, you can pretend that you know this person well. Subconsciously we separate characteristic features of a stranger and compare them with the image of an ideal person formed by our brain. At the first meeting we often hear the phrases like “You remind me of someone” or “It seems to me that we have met before”. Such a beginning of a date can make the atmosphere warmer and more non-formal.


Don`t try to behave too cocky, because it may irritate your partner. It is better to be yourself and don`t pretend to be the other person you are actually not when you meet your Russian girls webcam prospective soul mate. Upon the meeting you can confess to your partner that you are a little bit nervous. Then the companion will be able to understand your emotional state and will be easy on some mistakes in your behavior. What is more, you will make a positive impression on your partner and seem to him/her to be a sincere person.


Do not flood with inquiries, avoid asking too personal questions. Also it is not advisable to touch philosophical and some global issues in the dialogue with your partner. Do not create a protective barrier, remember that all our fears are, as a rule, groundless and can be skipped if you really want to while communicating with your Russian girls webcam partner. Try to relax, find a common discussion and create a positive atmosphere that will help to put off your doubts and fears.


Remember that it is unlikely that you will completely get rid of the emotions that you have; just remember that everybody gets emotional. It is absolutely normal human response to dealing with an uncertain occasion.

So, relax and have fun!

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