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What is the best place for the first date?

2015-08-16 00:00

Fixing an appointment and choosing the best place for it – it’s not a simple question. Different variants are possible and every of them have its pros and cons. Whatever you do, always think about your safety and never choose free Russian dating. Of course it is a temptation to go abroad but there is a little issue – uncertainty which makes you fear to appear. Or someone wants to invite a woman to his city or town but she is afraid of something – maybe it is money, maybe it’s not so good language skills or just doubts about man. There are many reasons and all of them depend on person, and of cause remember that site should be paid, and expensive, otherwise you may face up the free Russian dating scammers.

So, here some other options:

man will come to your native city/town or near-by one;

you will meet each other in a big city in Ukraine ( Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv and so on);

you will have a date in visa-free country or you can choose one of the European countries;

man will invite you to his country



The first variant seems to be boring especially if you like traveling. Let’s clear up some pros and cons of not free Russian dating options.

Pros: it means that man has serious intentions; it’s kind of safety way; you will not have problems with money; you can ask for help some agencies or at least your friends; you will feel comfortable because you know everything in your native city/town; you will always have a perfect looking because of your hairstylist and  because all your clothes will be here; you can show all your pictures and collection of some stuff if you are interesting in such thing; listening to your favorite music and so on.

Cons: difficulties with preparation if man doesn’t know your language and he feels alone here; if your flat looks not so good and you don’t want to show it, be sure you are not on free Russian dating site, because he could be poor too.

The second variant is a nice opportunity to learn more about woman’s country and see the best places of it. All pros and cons are almost the same; the exceptions are hairstylist and your own confidence if you don’t know that city/town very well.

The third variant. Frankly, there are not so many visa-free countries. One of the best options is Turkey. But if we are talking about other European countries – you can choose to your liking, just feel the difference, and enjoy your future with the free Russian dating sites, who want to make your credit card drowned, don’t go this way, use paid services and enjoy the quiet and easy dating.

Pros: you can get rest on the sea cost, it’s good if you were here before because you know this place better and can show some cafés or restaurants to your man; it’s not so financial difficult for Ukrainian woman – man will take care of tickets and tours; if you know English good –  it is a big plus;

Cons: if your visa will not be approved or if for that trip you have to pay by yourself (especially if you aren’t so rich); if it’s your first trip abroad. On the free Russian dating sites you will most likely find someone who will not pay for your attempt, however on pay you may ask her to pay you tickets and visas, even those which are failed to get.

The fourth variant is not so bad for Ukrainian woman. In one respect it’s great because you can visit another country but in other one – do you think this man has serious intentions or you are just a toy for him. Be careful with that.

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