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11 rules of getting acquainted with a foreigner

2015-08-08 00:00

You will not surprise anyone by being acquainted or even married with a foreigner, but it will make everybody jealous. You can get acquainted with citizens of other states either while travelling abroad or even in your native time while walking in a park, but much more easier is to meet your future soul in the Internet, while chattinп.


These rules are designed for those, who are interested in online acquaintance with foreigners for a range of purposes: communication, marriage, learning languages or joint travels. On the dating sites there is a great number of people, who want to communicate or play in dream relationships, as well as people who seriously want to fell in love and get married with ru Russian dating.


Determine your particular goals


Even if you want to find partner for communication or learning languages, there are people, who are looking for a partner for the same reason. Most foreigners on dating sites don’t believe in successful results, they register their profiles just out of curiosity, and  only 5-10% of them meet with a partner face-to-face in the end. Write in your profile: “I want to get acquainted with interesting people and then we will see how life will turn”. It might also happen that you have more admirers than those, who demand only serious meetings with married-oriented candidates.



Make good photos


Whether you want serious relationships or simply to communicate for learning languages, you should have good-looking and friendly photos. Practice in making selfie, buy selfie stick and be ingenious! Bright color of clothes and beautiful scenery are a good background for photos that make you profile on a dating site more than popular.


Reply immediately


If someone writes to you, reply as soon as possible. Check your email 2 or 3 times a day. As a rule, applicants write to several girls they are fond of simultaneously, our ru Russian dating girls worth your attention. So it is better to be the first one to answer a man who shows interest in you.


Acquaintance with foreigners for marriage works better if you speak English.


Even if you do not really like candidate, communicate with him to get an opportunity to improve your English. Do not promise him unforgettable love, just say you are not sure that you suit one another in the long term. Write to him that you are ready to communicate and, maybe, you will become his friend. Let him decide, whether he wants to continue or not.


Having exchanged 2 - 3 letters, suggest Video Chat


It is very convenient that dating sites provide women with an opportunity for a free of charge online chat, which keeps their anonymity. When you will get to know each other better, exchange email addresses or talk via Skype. The biggest problem for everyone who learns English is to talk alive with native-speakers from United Kingdom, USA, Australia or New Zealand. Web chat will help to overcome this psychological barrier and fear to speak English with foreigners. For those who are looking for serious relationships, it is important to show your intentions at once, our ru Russian dating tend to be with serious partners.


Do not consider online relationships to be serious before real meeting


Do not think that it is love unless you meet your admirer in real life and your impressions about him were not ruined. Someone falls in love even before the meeting, while talking by hours via Skype. Strong feelings might emerge, but you should keep in mind that it is only virtual communication and it is not essential to fall in love in such a way. If you want real relationships, your aim is to meet offline.


Your safety is your priority


Any serious-minded man understands that safety is very important for a woman. Before meeting in a real life you have to talk with your potential partner via Skype few times. Ask him to show his documents and send his address as well as phone number. Only when you are hundred percent sure that you have nothing to worry about - you can meet with a man in person, our girls from ru Russian dating service are waiting impatiently for such meetings.


Causerie is the best


Focus on process. Take pleasure in everything - viewing profiles, writing first massages, phoning and talking via camera, setting up meetings... If this process brings you pleasure, the first meeting with a foreigner won`t be a torture but a great adventure for you.

Send new photos to a man you found on ru Russian dating sites.

To make this relationship real for him, make interesting shots every day and send your partner. Start with personal ones and then, if things are going well, send pictures with friends and family!

Remember that other women achieved their aim and get married with the help of dating sites and you are not an exception. Be sure that you can do it and become really happy!

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