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Find women for dating as Francesco fond Maria

2015-09-30 01:46

Happy love story of Maria and Francisco that will inspire you!

There are a lot of rumors about international marriages: they are not long-lasting, unhappy etc. However, many foreigners register their profiles in internet to find women for dating and a lot of them succeed in this matter.

In spite of these statistics a lot of men view internet as an unreliable way to find women for dating. The following story of one happy couple who met each other with the help of a dating service will give you one more confirmation that web is one of the most effective tools to find women for dating.

Maria and Francesco, the users of a dating service, are ready to celebrate the 5th anniversary of their marriage. They met six years ago online and, as Maria says, it was the love “from the first photo”.

Thinking about the past, the girl says that these five gorgeous years are the best period of her life. It happens so, when after a great many of love failures a person finds a perfect partner with whom he/ she is ready to spend the rest of life, or find women for dating for all life.

Like many Russian girls who are seeking for a husband in internet, Maria was divorced and educated a child born from the previous husband.

It is considered that single mothers are unlikely to get married for the second time. But, as the statistic shows, western men are not afraid of having the relationships with a woman who has children. The disappointments and problems that a person faced in her life actually help to build a new family and create a happy atmosphere in it. And probably if you are looking to find women for dating, you are on the right way. Moreover, difficult situations help women to learn the laws of modern life better. After having experienced difficulties ladies learn how to avoid critical moments and build the reliable background for a life-long partnership.

So, after intensive and lovely chatting, the couple began to communicate via Skype. Maria understood at once that Francesco had serious intentions as he had introduced Maria to his relatives online after several video calls. After a month of online relationships Francisco visited Maria in Moscow, where he rented a gorgeous apartment with a view on a quay. There the couple spent four weeks and then decided to travel to St. Petersburg.

After this it was Maria`s turn to come to visit Francisco in Spain and see his native city – sunny Barcelona. Maria was not alone this time, she arrived with her small daughter and then the newly born small happy family spent three months laying on the beach, visiting Francisco’s friend and family, traveling etc.

Francisco and Maria got married after one year of their acquaintance. The celebration took place in the gorgeous castle that amazed everyone with romantic medieval interior. It was a real fairy-tale for both of partners, as for those who has been looking to find women for dating, and for the lady also.

Nowadays they have been married for 5 years. Maria speaks Spanish fluently, but she forgot English that she used while communicating with her future husband on a dating site. Beautiful and fascinating Spain is the second homeland for her now.

Both Francisco and Maria are very glad that they ventured to use online dating sites and managed to meet each other there. They encourage everyone who hasn`t found their better halves to use such services as they are one of the fastest and most reliable ways for finding the true love. Who knows, maybe your perfect match lives at the other end of the world and how should you meet her without using internet? It would be more than complicated…

You can find a great many of such stories where people describe their positive experience while searching for love online. These stories confirm the fact that one can find women for dating easily if he knows exactly what he wants and is aware of the ways of how to achieve this goal. So, do be patient, register on online dating services and maybe the destiny will find you in the twinkling of an eye! 

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