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Is Rihanna dating Luis Hamilton? The rumors were confirmed

2015-09-14 02:54

All Medias are informing about interesting news: Rihanna and Luis Hamilton are secretly dating.

 Luis Hamilton is 30-years-old formula race-driver who is extremely popular among famous girls. The rumors consist in the following: this scandalous couple began their relationships several years ago when Luis was dating the other woman – Nicole Schlesinger. Star dating never last too long. He had a long-lasting romance with the ex-member of music band Pussycat Dolls and decided to part with her when he met beautiful Rihanna. These rumors were not confirmed until the celebrities posted their photos from carnival in Barbados in social network. Star dating is a real love story which is good for the film producers.

Other rumors

Many fans of Rihanna did not believe that she was dating Lewis Hamilton because she was rumored to be romantically linked to a soccer star dating Karim Benzema. These rumors were spread when Rihanna visited a football championship in June. There she got acquainted with Karim and spent little time with him. The singer explains their meeting by the fact that she is a fan of this football player and she was eager to get to know this person better.

Both Rihanna and Karim share a mutual appreciation for each other's professions, and are always on-hand to support one another via text or phone calls when they're apart. The singer says that they have become real friends so there is no need to spread such scandalous rumors. Star dating ends the same way usual dating commonly ends.

Exciting carnival…

Rihanna decided to spend her vacation in her native country – Barbados and to participate in one of the most famous carnivals. She used to post all her photos in Instagram so did she this time. These photos show that Rihanna was not alone on this festivity. She was joined by the famous formula car-racer Luis Hamilton. He participated in summer carnival Kadooment Day with a famous singer. The atmosphere of this event: colorful parade, cool music, dances – made Rihanna and Luis Hamilton closer and they forgot about secrecy. This made that secret star dating romance everybody’s news.

In social networks Rihanna has posted a lot of photos where she is dancing on a boat in a gorgeous carnival-costume decorated with precious stones. Her look is stunning. Although there are not photos where Rihanna is together with Luis Hamilton, everybody knows that he is actually there a couple of star dating inspiration. The sportsman has posted the photos with the same background in his social networks. Moreover, he had a specific lying on which such inscription “Barbados, we are ready” can be seen.

Ex-boyfriend commented…

Rihanna ex-boyfriend was also actively involved in spreading the rumors about his ex-girlfriend. In his interview with Tim Westwood he commented:

“I appreciate Rihanna as a singer and respect her creativity. I have no reason to spoil her life but such rumors couldn`t be ignored by me”.

Later Chris Brown confessed that he still loved Rihanna and felt sorry that their relationships had been over. The time spent with Rihanna was gorgeous.

Secrecy revealed of this star dating couple…

After it their relationships were not the secret anymore and new facts came to surface. Rihanna and Luis love each other and are sure that they will have a happy future together. After such an announcement the couple officially confirmed their status and they do not have to keep their relationships in secrecy anymore, thus this star dating is revealed finally. So these sweet couple has been already seen in a restaurant where they have a romantic date that was organized by Luis for his beloved woman. After spending a few hours there Rihanna and Luis headed to the singer`s penthouse smiling and flirting.

These celebrities perfectly suit each other and moreover they complement each other nicely. Hopefully the relationships of Rihanna and Lewis Hamilton will be long-lasting and serve as an example for other famous couples. 

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