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The color of your wedding dress: signs and superstitions

2015-08-10 13:08

The wedding gown was the center of attention guests` attention as well as of outsiders. Russian women marriage makes it very important for everyone. For this reason a lot of superstitions and traditions that are observed by the brides from the entire world are connected with this attire.


What colors of a Russian women marriage wedding dress mean?

Go to any bridal salon or studio, which is specialized in making up the wedding dresses, and you will be offered a variety of models of wedding dresses of various colors and shades that range from classic white to purple luxury. Let's talk today about how not to get lost and to choose the right color of your wedding dress.


In Europe the traditional color of a wedding gown is considered to be white. The basic meaning of this hue is purity and bride`s chastity. White is also associated with the perfection and Russian women marriage really fond of this.

That is why pure white wedding dress is not a good idea for those who are preparing to marry a second, third or fourth time. A white wedding dress symbolizes light and happy family life. But everything is relative, and in India, for example, white color is the symbol of mourning.


Nowadays this hue is considered to be the traditional wedding gown color, which is out of the fashion and time. While choosing white wedding gown remember that you won`t surprise your guests. So it is better to pay attention to the style of your dress – it must be original. As the tradition dictates us to choose the white color for a wedding dress, the red color is often considered to be inappropriate hue for such an event as, according to superstitions, it is the symbol of conflicts and quarrels within the family. Though the red color is generally symbolizes the prosperity the gown of this color is not advisable to choose for the wedding of Russian women marriage, because it’s not essential.


And what about the other colors of wedding dresses?



Nowadays the golden wedding dress foreshadows wealth and prosperity for the future family.

Getting married in the silver gown foreshadows that your marital bliss will be ephemeral. It was believed that such a family whether will break up or its members will be unhappy for the whole life.

If you wear for this special event the wedding gown of pink hue your love will last long and your relationships won`t lose its tenderness. According to other versions, the pink wedding dress forecasts that the newlyweds will face financial problems soon. Russian women marriage is always gorgeous and thus costs a lot of money.

Violet color of the wedding gown has several meanings. On the one hand, it is interpreted as a harbinger of a quick divorce, and on the other hand it is a symbol of mystery and magical love, which will certainly emerge in a couple.

A wedding dress of black color wasn`t recognized and approved in European traditions, as black hue was the color of mourning and sorrow. Black is often seen as an eerie hue and is considered to be a weird pick for the bride. The black wedding gown, according to superstitious beliefs, foretokened unhappy life in marriage, the widowhood or repentance for some undignified deeds. However some of Russian women marriage fiancée love black color dress for the marriage, you never know before ask.

Even though, the modern brides and designers do not agree with such an interpretation of black hue. The collections of black wedding gowns are regularly presented by such masters of fashion as Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta.

Blue wedding dress forecasts that the husband will be indifferent to his wife, her desires and opinion, but our girls from Russian women marriage sites really love such unusual colors.

To marry in a wedding dress of azure color promises sincere and honest relations. This hue is a good choice for those who prefer straightforwardness in the relations, often without paying attention to the feelings of a partner.

Yellow wedding dress has also a negative meaning, our Russian women marriage girls could be yours even forever; however this all depends on you. Superstitions say that the couple will broke up after six years of family happiness.

Green wedding gown foretokens a happy family but with a low income. This color symbolizes humility and the ability to get along on a shoestring, getting the joy out of life not only of the financial benefits.

Orange bridal attire promises that you will be respected in the society. People will hold up such a family as an example as well as a pattern of sincerity and respect. Russian women marriage girls rarely choose this color.

Brown wedding dress is for an early divorce with a long process of severance.

A cream-colored dress is to frequent adultery.

What color your dress will be, it's only up to you, dear bride. Signs and superstitions do not always come true and only true love as well as respect within the family creates a solid foundation for strong relationships. Be creative and listen to your heart!

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