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How to Choose a Present for Your Lady

2015-06-19 00:04

It is not a surprise that to win a woman’s heart you need to create the right impression. And sometimes words, gentlemanlike behavior and pleasant looking suite are not enough. One of the most important ways to impress a woman is choosing an ideal present for her. Even though it sounds more like a simple mission, it usually takes time and efforts to come up with the right idea. 

To understand what exactly looks like the present of her dreams, you need just to learn how to read between the lines. Most of the women will never reveal their preferences to the man they like strictly in the face. You should pay more attention to the things she says in the every day conversations, how she dresses and what her hobbies are.

But sometimes you need to know now and here and the time is slowly running out, so you cannot walk around and examine your woman from head to toes. That is why we are going to discuss how to choose the right present in a short period of time.




It is widely known that most women adore flowers. But not all of them. Before you decide to show your affection with a nice bouquet, you would better investigate whether she gets excited with flowers or puts them away in the corner and forgets about their existence. Besides the woman can be allergic to pollen and it is very important to know it beforehand. But as it is usually said flowers are never odd on the date, so let’s talk about it in details.

The safest way to choose flowers is to know exactly what her favorite flowers are. It is hard to guess, so it is better to decide on roses or combined bouquet. If the woman is fond of cultivating plants, probably the best idea would be a mini rose in the pot.

But there are two strict laws for presenting flowers. You should neither buy an even number of them, nor choose the flowers like carnations, mimosas or daffodils, because both in Ukraine and Russia it is associated with funerals.





 Seems like jewelry is a very simple kind of present to choose, because all you have to do is come into some jewelry boutique and buy something shiny and beautiful. Undoubtedly such an expensive present will tell the woman that she is very important to you, but nevertheless you have to be careful with precious things.

Not all of the women are in love with gold, for example. Some of them prefer silver and others are fond of white gold or antiquities. So before you go to the jewelry shop, take a look at what your woman wears as accessories.

Probably the best present you can buy at this shop would be a bracelet or a small chain with an interesting pendant. You should better not try to choose a ring because it is quite impossible to guess the size of a finger unless it is your fiancée.




Even though women surely adore them, it is also rather questionable idea for a present. You have to be careful choosing a perfume because tastes really differ and there is a chance you can miss. But in case you have already decided, the best way to avoid epic fail is to buy a perfume of a very famous brand or another perfume of the brand your woman likes.


Soft toys


If you really have no idea what to buy, soft toys will be the best choice for you. However you should make sure that the soft toy you have chosen is nice and cuddly. If the woman you want to make a present to is young enough – a big teddy bear would be perfect. But if it is a business lady at her thirties a nice little soft souvenir would fit the best. Besides it is important to bear in mind that a present of this kind cannot be the only one if it is her birthday or another big celebration.

Hopefully the abovementioned information helped you to clarify the present issue. The last but not the least is to remember that a surprise that you create with love and passion will never remain unanswered and will return a hundredfold. Try to make little presents from time to time and not only for some particular reason. Sweet tiny souvenirs or nice flowers are a guarantee of your future happiness. Not because women are mercantile, but because every woman above all values your love. And attention that you pay to your lady is a real demonstration of it.

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