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2015-09-30 01:59

What are the most favorite Russian ladies` holidays?

Russian girl dating is an extremely useful and fascinating experience as you can find a devoted partner as well as get to know the essential facts about Russian culture and traditions. One of the key factors to succeed in Russian girl dating is to remember all the holidays that are important to her.

Slavic ladies are looking forward to various holidays as this festive period of time is unique possibility to relax and to spend great weekends with a beloved person. So it is essential to remember about these dates and prepare special surprises and gifts for your sweetheart. Moreover, such holidays will leave the brightest memories and great photos which you will able to look through with a future bride after several years of marriage. It is very touchy, isn`t it?

To achieve great results in girl dating from Russia be ready to surprise her on holidays which are most important for your beloved woman. Here you can find the list of these holidays that should be remembered by every foreigner who is girl dating from Russia. Let’s begin!

Your sweetheart`s birthday

Birthday is one of the most favorite and important holidays for each Russian lady. A girl will definitely anticipate a great party with a lot of presents as this day is the only time of the year when she is special and always in the spotlight.

So you will probably pay a lot of efforts to make this day special and unforgettable for your beloved woman. If you want to please your lady organize a surprise party as well as pick up a great present for her. Provided you have arranged everything perfectly you will not wait long until you are rewarded for your efforts.

Do not be desperate if you do not have a lot of money to surprise your girlfriend with an expensive gift. Especially at the first stages of romantic relationships it is not advisable to make chic presents. It is better to switch on your creativity and write a romantic poem for your beloved woman, for example. Sending her a bouquet of favorite flowers as well as a bottle of good wine is also a good decision.  The key factor is to make this present special and personalized and admire your girl dating.

New Year – the holiday when all the dreams come true

New Year is a special holiday for every Slavic woman as it is the time when all her dreams may come true. The celebration of this holiday is very interesting and memorable in Russia, so the presents that you have chosen should be not less memorable than the most exciting events happened during this holiday. The best way to celebrate the New Year is to organize a family holiday or to travel in some exotic country. Do not avoid consulting with your bride-to-be as it will help you avoid extra problems and confusions with your existing girl dating which last forever.

The 8th of March – International Women`s Day

If you do not forget to congratulate your Russian bride with this holiday she will be over the moon. The 8th March is the day when all Slavic women put their housework aside and simply have a rest waiting for congratulations and flowers from the beloved men. Try to do this holiday as pleasant for your girl as you can and she will be very grateful to you for such an attention. Take the girl to the river or to the countryside and organize a romantic picnic there. But prepare everything by yourself; remember that on the 8rh of March a Russian woman has the day off and your girl dating consider this as the most important holiday in a year.

Do not forget about the other presents apart from flowers. If you are generous enough buy her some jewelry or invent some gift idea by yourself taking into consideration your girlfriend`s preferences.

And don't forget to send some flowers to her mother. After all, she is a woman too and her opinion is very important for you Russian bride.

So, these were the most favorite holidays of Russian women. Get prepare yourself for these important days in the life of your bride and her opinion about you will be more than positive. Russian girl dating is not very easy but the keys to success are very banal: affection and attention to her. Good luck!

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