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How to tie a tie

2016-03-15 15:07

Ukraine women could teach you how to tie a tie, or could tie a tie for you on a daily basis if you marry her. Ukraine women enjoy those men who wear tie. Tying a tie is a science in the world of fashion. Today there exist about 30 most popular necktie knots. Every self-respecting man and a stylish woman must know how to tie a tie and distinguish between the manners of tying.

Ukraine women are versed in ties.

Not a secret that Russian and Ukraine women know how to take care of their men. Every Ukrainian woman knows that business suit makes a man more attractive. Women learn special schemes and instructions how to tie a tie to her beloved husband.

Version of tying a necktie

As you may know, the tie should always be tied on the shirt, and not in the hands. It should not be too long or too short. Knot should be made freely without dragging the tissue.

In Ukraine women tend to tie the following types of knotted tie: Four-in-hand knot, Small knot and Christensen knot.

Four-in-hand knot

This is a universal knot that could be used on any tie and goes well with any type of collar. Cross the ends and get the wide end under the narrow. Pull through the neck loop. Holding the knot, pass the wide end in the eye formed. Flatten and tighten the knot.

Small knot

Small knot is suitable for ties made from heavy fabrics: wool, or cashmere jacquard. It will look good with a tight-fitting collar. Put on a tie the wrong side down. Get into the wide end over the narrow and pull it through the neck loop. Pass the wide end formed in the eye.

Christensen knot

It is one of the most elegant knot. It is ideal for special occasions and business dinners. Put the tie wrong side down to the neck and cross the ends. Get a wide end under the narrow. Put wide end over the neck loop. Pass it through the neck loop from the top down. Put wide end to the other side over the knot. Pull it through the neck loop. Pass it into the eye of knot.

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