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Dating ladies with children

2015-09-29 17:25

Dating ladies who have children is not a problem! Follow this guide...

Do not refuse dating ladies from Ukraine or Russia if they have children. The bride with kids can appear to be better wives that those girls who haven`t had any responsibilities yet.

Single motherhood in Slavic countries is common situation as they are a lot of divorces and as a rule children stay with their mothers. This fact shows that Slavic women are more responsible and do take care about their offspring.

There are many stereotypes about dating ladies who have children: these women are seeking for so to say “sponsor” for her child, they will pay more attention to kids rather than to a new husband etc. Of course, this belief is partially true but do not trust it completely.

To avoid confusions while dating ladies with kids you should be well prepared for it. The tips that you will find below will help you understand where you fit in and make the situation more comfortable for everyone.

Step 1

Do not hurry. If you intend to go for a date with a single mother it doesn’t mean that she will take her kid with her. It is like likely that for the first several meetings a girl will be alone. And it is right. A woman should get to know a foreign man better, ask him what she wants and as soon as she realizes that you he is a good person for her and may become a good farther for her child she will offer a man to get acquainted with her daughter or son.

If you are unsure whether you want serious relationships with this girl, do not push to meet her child. But if you are ready to take such a responsibility read carefully about the second step.

Step 2

While dating ladies with kids you should plan beforehand all you actions in such a situation. You should be flexible and well-organized. First of all, offer your lady a help such as babysitter who will take care of a child while the mother will spend some time with you. Say her in advance when and where you are planning the next date. In such a way you will show the potential bride that your intentions are serious and her child is not a burden for you. Do not raise hell`s delight if your date is fouled-up because of a child`s sickness. You should understand such situations and your woman will appreciate it.

Step 3

Do not waste your lady`s as well as your time. You should set aims and have the particular plan to achieve them. Single mothers are not interested in short-period relationships therefore if you are not ready to offer her something more, cease playing games with her. Otherwise, share your plans for future with her.  Reinforce your words with actions and let both of you know when it is time to meet the child.

Step 4

While meeting with a lady`s child for the first time show him or her that you are kind and strict at the same time. Do not spoil a kid with expensive presents as the mother may not approve it. Educating is a mother`s task and she will allow you to be involved in this process as soon as you are fully integrated in their life. To become an inseparable part of it make everything that a real husband and a father should:  plan activities, be helpful in every day routine etc. Remember that a child will see your attitude towards her/his mother and you will be accepted only when he/she will be sure that the mom will be happy with you. 

Step 5

Show interest in the details of a situation. It means that you should get to know about the biological father of a kid and the reasons why he left his family. It will help you to understand what type of woman your potential bride is. While inquiring about it, do not insult her with jealousy or misunderstanding.

Dating ladies with kids is not a problem for serious men who are interested in creating happy and strong family.  Remember that young Slavic brides who have children will work harder to make your marriage work than girls without them. So, you need to pay a lot of efforts too. Only on such a condition, you will achieve what you want.

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