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Best Ukraine Ladies Rating

2015-07-25 00:00

Let us talk a little about Ukrainian girls and Russian amateur girls. Each day I appreciate Ukrainian girls more and more. And this makes me very proud of that, because there are a lot of facts that confirm Ukrainian girls and Slavonic girls, Russian amateur girls are the most beautiful in the world.  The main reason is the geographic position of the country that combines European and Slavic traits, taking the best from both sides and making a great cocktail of beauty.

American actor Philip Jones, more known throughout the internet as Philochko says in one of his videos that Ukrainian girls are his favorite. He is a black man and you could believe that he knows what he says, beside this, he also speaks a lot about Russian amateur girls, appreciating them also.

If it happens that you don’t believe, let’s see top 7 of the most beautiful Ukrainian women.

Number 7: Snejana Onopko

Born on 15’th of January 1986 in Severodonetsk, this top model has worked with world leading brands like “Chanel”, “Prada”, “Dolce&Gabbana”, “Calvin Klein”, “Yves Saint Laurent”, “Louis Vuitton”, “Gucci” and “Hugo Boss”. Also she had been seen on the top covers of famous magazines like “Vogue”, “Tatler” and “Harper's Bazaar”. This beauty is 177 cm high and her measures are 84-59-85.

The 6-th number is Anna Poslavskaya.

A beautiful woman from Novaya Kahovka, a young and beautiful garden-town is an owner of Audience Award of “Miss Ukraine 2009” and the third vice-miss Universe 2010. She has a gorgeous 90-62-90 body. As a very confident and proud woman, she doesn’t let the rich people to talk with her as if she is just a bimbo. Watching from above her 182 cm, she lefts any ill-bred moneybags no chance. She is nice, one of the nicest Ukrainian and Russian amateur girls.

The 5-th number is Anastasia Kamenskih

She is a talented Ukrainian actress, TV presenter and a singer from hip hop\pop duo “Potap & Nastya” that was born in 1987 in Kiev was considered to be the most beautiful Ukrainian woman in 2009 according to “Viva!” magazine and has a photo shoot in “Playboy” and “Maxim”, she is the most popular Ukrainian-Russian amateur girl, who is a real gorgeous play girl.

The 4-th Natalya Yarovenko

She is an actress and a model from Odessa, more known as Natasha Yarovenko. The most known her work is a role of Natasha in “Habitación en Roma” directed by Julio Medema, where she is often seen naked.This lady is one of the most known Urkainian-Russian amateur girl she is a real angel and could be your inspiration when you look for your prospective wife on our site.

The third number is Olecia Stefanko

The first vice-miss Universe 2011 was born in 1988 in Kovalevka village of Ivano-Frankovsky region. She reached the highest place among other Ukrainian ladies in history of this contest. This forceful woman is planning to get back to the jurisprudent career after she finishes her modeling one. Her face and body is amazing, with her appearance she beats anyone of Russian amateur girls easily. She is a real angel.

The second is Inna Bordyug, known as Zlata Ognevych,

She is a famous Ukrainian singer. She started learning music after her family moved from Murmansk to Sudak in Crimea. Three times she took part in the national selection for the Eurovision contest and she made it on the third time.  She was the Ukrainian representative on Eurovision 2013 with a song “Gravity” and took the third place. Now she is a deputy in Verkhovnaya Rada and she looks much better than any Russian amateur girls and she is so fresh you even could not imagine.

And the first one is Olga Kurilenkova,

She were born in 1979 in Berdiansk, Zaporojskiy region. She is a French actress and model. Her most known roles are James’ Bond girlfriend in “Quantum Of Solace” and Julia Rusakova in “Oblivion”. As a model she worked with such famous brands as “Victoria's Secret”, “Yves Rocher” e.t.c. and appeared on the cover pages of such magazines as “Glamour”, “FHM”, “Madame Figaro”, “Elle”, “Marie Claire”, “Maxim”, “Harper's Bazaar”, “In Style” and “Tatler”. She is 176 cm high and her measures are 88-60-89. Being one of the sex symbols of Ukraine she is a part of the Russian amateur girls and Ukrainian beauties that are really nice.

This was a presentation of the cutest girls from Ukraine, who are your love, inspiration and of cause cute standard of beauty.

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