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Why multiracial people are more popular on online dating sites?

2015-09-14 02:44

As we know love is the feeling for which one should fight. And when we are talking about online dating, multiracial dating people have more chances to find their partners than other users even with fascinating profiles.

Such conclusions have been made by a special study presented by the University of Texas and University of Massachusetts. The scientists and analysts of this high educational establishments found out that online daters preferred communicating with mixed-race people rather than with mono-racial. The study was conducted in accordance with the number of messages (6,7 million) of female and male users that were registered on major dating sites.

For example, the study shown that Asian–white women are more popular among white as well as Asian men than the white women. Likewise, Asian and Hispanic women looked more favorably upon Asian-white and Hispanic-white men, respectively. Multiracial dating is an extremely popular among people from all continents.

Such a situation is explained in several ways. The first reason is demographic change, the other one is that racial stereotypes are being interpreted in the other way today.

The findings

So let’s consider this research in details. The scientists analyzed 6,7 million messages between men and women of different nationalities and races. The answers received by several groups of multiracial dating people were compared. These groups were Asian-white, Hispanic-white and black-white people. The messages that had been analyzed were sent by mono-racial people.

“The most astonishing thing we have found out that multiracial dating people are oftener more popular on a dating site than white daters,”- one of the authors of this interesting project commented.

This phenomenon even acquired a special name - the multiracial "dividend effect."

Of course, the color of skin is not the key factor that makes multiracial dating more popular on dating sites. It is all about race. The representatives of “white minority” such as Hispanic American also succeeded to allure more and more admirers.  The phenomenon “dividend effect” does not determine the particular results it shows only tendency. It depends only on people, their preferences and decisions.

In comparison with other group of women the Asian-white women were in favor of white as well as Asian men.

Asian and Hispanic women preferred Asian-white and Hispanic-white man than those men who were the same race or other nonracial white men.

In their turn white women considered first of all black-white men to be their potential partners.

Where the explanation is hidden?

The explanation for such a weird situation consists in several matters.

“We have found out several possible reasons that can explain the phenomenon of multiracial dividends,” – one of the researchers says.

The group of scientists asserts that the appearance of a person does not play an important role in this case, at least not directly, as even the profiles of multiracial dating people without photos allured the same number of admirers as the profiles with photos.

The scientists say that there is a tendency that is connected with the subconscious longing for a continuing partiality for lightness or whiteness. There is also such a concept as “exotic” that encourages the users of dating sites to write to multiracial dating men or women. There are also several explanations connected with history such as stereotypes that Asian men who have immigrated to the United States are more patriarchal and gender conservative than white American men.

As in case with many researches, this theory is to be proved and well-grounded explanations are to be found. All in all we cannot get away from facts presented by today`s results of this extraordinary and in a some way useful study.

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