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Top 10 hottest russian girls

2015-06-05 12:57

There are many ratings of popular and sexiest women, however top 10 ratings of different publications, TV channels and tabloids are usually all the same. We believe that hot Russian women are hot and finally open eyes on the top 10 sexiest, hottest Russian women.


So, this year the 10th place of top ten russian girls rating is for the Polina Gagarina. She looks so tasty that for the decade holds in the different ratings and this means that she is not a causal idler in the list of the most beautiful and sexiest ladies in Russia.


The 9th place is for the Ianina Studilina – actress, model and lovely lady from Russia.


The 8th place is for the sexiest and one of the hottest Russian women and for sure hottest tennis players in the world Maria Sharapova.


Russian Actress and public person Lisa Boiarskaia holds the 7th place of the rating and it should be even better in the future years. Among the top 10 hot Russian women Lisa Boiarskaia stays for more than 5 years in the tops, and she is going to stay here even more.


The 6th place confidently for the Zoia Berber, she is pretty for no doubts, and we expect the raise of her place along with the raise of her popularity. Right now she is famous for the play in the popular sitcom “Real Guys”


All of them are shiny, fancy and beautiful! Find your Russian Girl and probably she would be even better!


And the 5th place is for the famous theatre actress Ekaterina Klimova. She is debuting in the rating and she is already on the 5th place, This means that her films career starts to flourish, and we expect even harder move to the tops from Ekaterina.


Fourth place is for the charming Tatiana Kotova. She is one of the sexiest Russian singers and she is famous for being three times on the cover of Maxim magazine. She is an actress also, playing charming roles in “What does the guys” (Chto Tvoryat Mujchini?) comedy.


Russian types are all here, find your Russian girl type!



And 2014 surprise became the Alina Artz takeoff, which took her from the 87 to the 3rd place of the rating. Olympic games official song and torch Olympic run changed her popularity to the real boom!  She is on the 3rd place now and she is going to conquer the top with her new singles. Lets see what happens with this no doubts one of the hottest Russian women’s.


The 2nd place of russian top girls takes our old friend – singer Maxim. She is in the top for the decade, and she is the same nice and attractive lady. Be the one to give her your vote for the future year. She is not only the one to be among the sexiest ladies in Russia, she is already one of the most loved and played solo singers in Russian Radio Stations. Hot Russian Women look for her and try to look as she does. One of the icon of Russian fashion and beauty standards.


The 1st PLACE in 2014 is for the top 10 HOT Russian Women is Lena Temnikova – the Serebro’s band lead singer. However she left the Serebro this year, in order not to overshine her personal beauties. And her move was quite successful, attractive for the mens in Russia, which allowed her to conquer the 1st place of rating of top 10 hot Russian women for 2014.

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